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The application for Android Specterk will help you in finding the most terrible, and maybe quite the opposite, pretty sweet ghosts. For this, you do not need a fantastic vacuum cleaner like that of Ghostbusters, yet we live in a world of digital technologies, and your Android, which will keep in touch with the Internet and function GPS, will be able to replace the vacuum cleaner. The game uses your GPS and in order to find the ghosts just turn on the camera. Select the location of the cast on the map and go to the desired point, and then expel the cast.

Ghost Camera

We, for example, first of all, would check for ghosts the dark space under my bed. The game has a great design, a beautiful clock in the classical style, and the possibility of three modes of application for the Android. Convenient control will not complicate your search, and an excellent combination of 3 functions in one application Specterk will not force you to additionally install something on your phone. Do not worry about your traffic on the Internet, the application is small and to catch a small ghost it will not eat all of your monthly traffic, so time will remain so that you can also travel a lot over the vast web!

Paranormal Recorder is an application that integrates an electromagnetic field detector and a recording device specializing in the preservation of unexplained noises and voices — electronic voice phenomena EVP.

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In memory, the Paranormal Recorder has fifteen hundred, in addition, it only turns on when it compares the paranormal behavior of electromagnetic fields with the samples of their EVP. With it, you can easily record strange sounds and upload these EVP sessions to the computer for further analysis. EVP-PRO also contains a camera for fixing paranormal visual phenomena and a log for recording so you can take notes in the dark. In the Ghost Hunter application, it is possible to detect electromagnetic fields, EVP, sound, and geomagnetic fields. It displays its readings in different colors, depending on the axis along which the field fluctuations are detected, giving you a more accurate idea of the direction of the search.

For a real lover of the other world there will be no excuses anymore if, having such applications in the telephone, he wants to sit quietly in his favorite chair, having heard suspicious sounds from the attic or a heart-rending howl in the street … Now, holding the smartphone in the palm of your hand, just go ahead, on the hunt for ghosts!

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Check this: Best scary stories apps for Android. The application is a good detector of electromagnetic fields, although developers do not position it as an application for searching for ghosts. Well, if all the house, forest, and river spirits are caught, and phantoms are expelled, EMF Detector can be used as a metal detector and go with him to search for treasures.

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If you like the theme of houses with ghosts, then you will like this app. Ghost Detector Fun will turn your smartphone into a real device for detecting paranormal activity. The application uses smartphone sensors to detect ghosts, and when it detects them — displays on the screen. Therefore, you can determine with high accuracy where the poltergeist is located. In addition, you can enter into a dialogue with ghosts …. The phenomenon of the electronic voice is the voices of the dead who are supposedly able to communicate with the living with the help of various electronic devices.

Often for this purpose mediums use radio, playing between stations or other sources of random noise. Some people reported that in the midst of these disturbances one can hear words or phrases. An application for determining increased paranormal activity. According to the creators, the application uses various detectors and sensors of the phone to actually determine if a ghost is next to it.

In principle, such a program can be useful if the girl invited you to tea, and you already drank it, but how to proceed to resolute actions is incomprehensible. After determining the background of paranormal activity, boldly take the girl into the ring of strong embraces and whisper in your ear that you will protect her from any monsters.

The tool covers different areas and combines various types of equipment that is used by ghost hunters, including recording a PEG, a multi-channel recorder that shows a straight line if there are no ghosts at a certain distance, and a radar that helps to detect them on the map. In addition to all this, the application includes two more tools that you can use for free only for a while. If you want to continue using these tools, you will need to purchase the Pro version. Among them — a tool for measuring the electromagnetic field and a camera that will help convert the measurement of sensors in the image.

The Real Ghost Detector App

Of course, none of these methods are scientifically proven. You can use this app for both entertainment and serious intentions — it all depends on your personal views. Are there ghosts at all, or are they just horror stories? Are there any ghosts in the world?

16 Best ghost detector apps for Android

You say, all this is fiction… But they really exist! And the Ghost Detector app will prove it to you! Run the application and find out if the otherworldly creatures live near you. Ghost Detector — Real Radar Prank — the most terrible jokes in your phone! Check your friends and acquaintances and find out which one is really a ghost! Many people believe in the existence of the afterlife, and with it — in the ghosts.

The Ghost Detector Pro application was created specifically for them, as it is literally a ghost detector. Finding a ghost in the immediate vicinity of the user, the program will notify you with a green dot on your radar. However, the application sometimes fails — one user decided to try it in the cemetery, and it did not find a single ghost there.

Ghost Observer: Ghost Detector, with which you can turn your mobile phone into a ghost sensor! Scare your friends so that they are deprived of the gift of speech. Download the application for free on your mobile phone and start playing friends. This is a real mobile ghost sensor. The program is designed for more or less modern mobile phones that have a built-in camera.

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Real Ghost Camera Simulator is a simulator! Ghosts and spirits do not exist in reality! Change Language. Real Ghost Camera Simulator apps Downloads - 3k. Version 1. Other versions. Share this App via. Direct Download Download this app to your desktop. Install in your device Scan the QR code and install this app directly in your Android device.

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