Windows phone equivalent to apple pay

Forget about Venmo-like social networks or paying in stores, though. Quick, easy NFC-payment system. Anonymous, single-use token system keeps credit card data secure.

The Best Mobile Payment Apps |

Third-party apps for managing gift cards, movie tickets, boarding passes, and more. Peer-to-peer payments only work between Apple devices. Setup more complex than for some competitors.

Pay With Your Phone

Simple, clear setup. No fee for instant transfer to your bank account. International transactions supported. No in-store or online payments.

We list the important Windows Phone apps to help you choose what to download

Short on extras. No payment splitting. No store loyalty program support. Quick and easy NFC-based payment system. Substitutes actual card numbers with virtual ones for security.

Gift card and loyalty-program management. Online and in-app payment capability. Functions divided between separate apps. Spotty in-store functionality in testing. Limited use cases and online-payment partners. Lets you send person-to-person payments via the web or mobile app. Clean interface.

How to pay with your smartphone without Apple Pay, Samsung Pay or Google Wallet

Can send money via text messages. No transaction fees. No NFC payments gift cards, online coupons, loyalty program, or social features. Simple, clear interface and setup. Works with Bluetooth LE to find nearby payees. Can automatically deposit money into your bank account. Doesn't work in web stores or at points of sale. Low daily payment limits.

Not as widely used as competitors. Doesn't work with Square point of payment devices. The simplicity that makes it attractive also limits its usefulness.

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Apple Pay. Circle Pay. Google Pay. Google Pay Send. Square Cash. Read Review. Get Our Best Stories! How to Block Robocalls and Spam Calls. The 50 Best iPad Games. See More. Samsung Pay Review. PayPal Review. Apple Pay Review. Circle Pay Review. The Windows Phone version, still in public beta at the time of writing, offers improved search, faster performance and a revised UI.

Securely store the passwords for accounts you access on your Windows Phone. The app has a media library for audio and video files, a complete audio library, with metadata fetching. VLC supports multi-track audio and subtitles, speed control. Adobe's PhotoShop Express is without the doubt the most impressive tool for editing photos on a Windows Phone device. As is the case on the Android and iPhone iteration, it features plenty of editing tools to make your picture shine. Crop, adjust red eye, white balance, contrast, noise, tone and much more, it's a must-have, even if you're not an avid photographer.

All of these actions only require one or two taps of the screen to completely transform your snaps, making it easy for even the novice to use. You can also add a varied selection of filters, called 'Looks'.

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Although it's not on par with Instagram, it's still pretty impressive and can give a new lease of life to any picture that may have been adversely affected by shaky hands. Photo Editor pro , Photo Editor by Aviary. Adobe Systems Incorporated. But even though we have Google Wallet, Apple Pay and, soon, Samsung Pay, there are still many phones lacking NFC and the other internal tech that makes mobile payments possible.

If that's the case with your smartphone, you don't need to upgrade to make payments on the fly. I've rounded up three lower-tech apps can still help you foot the bill. Just a caveat before we get started: Many merchants still do not accept mobile payments. You'll want to check out the businesses in your area to see if they use these apps for payments. Google Wallet and Apple Pay are both more widely accepted, but we are still years away from mobile payments in all major stores, if we ever get there at all. If paying with your phone is very important to you, check out which merchants accept mobile payments before you upgrade your phone.

Finally, these apps are for paying merchants, like the coffee shop around the corner or your local big-box store. If you want to pay back your friends or family, we've got a roundup of apps that can send money. Love it or hate it, PayPal is a huge player in online payments and in recent years, it's been working on mobile payments, too.

The company's app lets you pay from your phone at local merchants and some national chains as well. To use the app, you'll first need to choose the merchant where you want to pay. Then, you'll use the slider to "check in" at the business and authorize the app to make a payment for you. When you're ready to check out, you tell the cashier that you're using PayPal and they'll see your profile pop up in their PayPal system. From there, they can process the payment without you needing to pull out your wallet or phone. For some larger merchants, such as Home Depot and Office Depot, you'll need to create a PIN that you'll enter along with your mobile number to pay.

Also, some restaurants that accept PayPal only allow you to order food in advance for pickup and delivery.